Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How Can You Keep His Attention Alive?

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Kim

All the relationships start being passionate.  Even guys who are not very passionate
naturally, act more passionate than they actually are in this period. In the first few
months, a guy would devote so much attention and time to a girl. He would like to
be with her 24/7 and can’t keep his eyes off her. In a year or two (sometimes shorter)
what happens? Regardless of how beautiful she is, his attention diminishes slowly.
He does not seem that interested in her anymore. Could it be her constant attention
and being too reachable?

Yes, we forget this very basic rule: if you run, he would chase you. If you don’t,
he gets bored. In the beginning, ladies usually take sometime to evaluate the
guy. (the ones who don’t, usually never have a long-term relationship. Sad but
true!) In this period, the guy tries to prove himself and he spends a lot of effort to
attract the girl. The more he tries, the more he falls for the girl. In that period, the guy
loves every single moment with the girl. Things go pretty well until the guy gains
her 100% trust. Then, she gives the guy what ever he wants and the girl enjoys
the life with him as well. However, the dream period starts getting monotone.
Guys like to chase and when they don’t, they get bored. Time after time, girl gets
comfortable with him and the guy gets distant with her. Funny thing, I am not the
only one who writes this. Nor, you read it for the first time. But, didn’t you make the
same mistake?

Yes, most of us did. We do this mistake all the time. But, here is the good news!
If you still have a relationship, you have a chance to reverse things. First rule: be
an independent woman. The stronger you are, the more afraid he will be to lose
you. Definitely earn your own money, drive a car and know how to handle your
business such as managing your bank account. Second rule: even if you don’t
feel like staying away, stay away from him from time to time. If you live together, go
for a vacation with your friends or arrange some business trip. Don’t let him
know where you are every minute. Don’t be the starter of every make out session
and when he seems busy, let him be alone for a while. Basically, if you apply the
rule, “let him chase you“, you are highly likely to have a happy long-term
relationship. Hint: when you don’t feel like staying distant, it is hard to act that
way, so I found the most useful thing is to be keeping myself busy for real.
Go girls, you can do it!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Dating Bad Guys

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Kim

Since I was 13, I have been listening to the love stories of my friends. I guess I am a good listener, more importantly, non-judgmental so that people like to open up to me. I had a friend, who only dated these cool and attractive guys, also known as bad guys. These guys were always handsome, fun and exciting. For the first two-three weeks, they used to meet very often and her phone was ringing off the hook. (Though, that’s only when he wanted to reach her) Seductive messages swarmed her phone, sometimes 3 am in the morning. Occasionally, poems, gifts and unexpected surprise visits. They were out every night, having fun and her feet was off the ground like a girl swinging at the playground.

This would go on for a while but the ending of the story was always the same. He would stop calling or texting and finally he would be seen with another girl. Sure thing, my friend was upset. She used to cry and tell me all the bad things about this guy. How he was driving her crazy by being very “friendly“ to her girlfriends. How he did not reply to her messages and when she asked why, he would say “I didn’t see it“ or “I didn’t receive it“ or gives similar skeptic answers.

Well, I used to think. What did you expect…. He did not have a stable job and was not successful at school. He liked drinking and smoking. He answered your calls and messages when he felt like. When you had a problem, instead of trying to help you, he would sigh, “Ohh!! you are thinking too much!”. His friends were all loitering around aimlessly. Surprise surprise! He was not the right guy, and sorry but it took me no more than a day to see that. But you know, he was the typical bad guy for whom many girls fall for. We, the ladies like excitement, joy and beauty.

So does the nice guy get a chance? Let us ponder over it for a minute. Is it smart to eliminate those who are nice guys but who may not meet all of your criteria such as “don’t have blue eyes“, “not blonde“, “not tall enough“, “not fit enough“ etc.? Have you considered that he might still have a great potential to be a good partner? I know many girls who are after bad guys, and they are always sad and broken hearted at the end. Give those nice guys a chance. Then, we will talk about passion in my next blog. I will tell you real stories about passion and the nice guys.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Introducing aLatte

I have always wanted to be more entrepreneurial and build something of my own. But I never really got the time. One day I thought about it long and hard. And I came to the conclusion that I will never have time. I need to extract time. I had a passion for building something and solve some problem. So last summer I decided to take the plunge.

aLatte was thus born. It is a casual dating cum flirting app that helps singles to meet up with other singles based on location. But there is a twist. There is always a twist …

The twist is that women can see the men near them but men cannot. It is like a blind date for men but not for women.

The app aLatte is now live on the appstore. Here is the link to the website:

Till Later…